Business Solutions

  • offers technological communication solutions for companies in Europe that strengthen the signal strength of mobile devices.Our line of Mini-Cell Tower product solutions (commonly referred to as our MCT product series) can be applied to commercial business parks, condominiums, real estate firms, colleges, universities, hotels, resorts, hospitals, medical laboratories, industrial complexes and many other locations within the businesslife.The skilled technicians have proven broad expertise in installing in various complexes of business and are able to create a custom solution for all applications.

    Entertainment & Hospitality

  • Entertainment and Hospitality. Guests and customers of facilities such as hotels, resorts and casinos expect to have access, even away from home, to the means of communication they are used to in everyday life.It is important for these facilities that they provide these facilities to their customers’ satisfaction. By providing reliable and comprehensive coverage throughout the site and for various wireless providers, the customer’s needs during the stay will be satisfied.

    Hospital and Medical Laboratories

  • Hospital and Medical Laboratories. Medical laboratories and hospitals are leaders in technological developments.While there are materials used in the building and maintenance of the building that can affect signal strength, we are able to provide coverage throughout the building without these signals affecting medical equipment, which is so essential is in these facilities.Communication and other mobile applications are essential for employees and customers in this stressful work environment.

    Universities / Educational institutions

  • Universities / Educational institutions. Educational institutions have expanded considerably over the years. Often the institutions spread across larger campuses and multiple buildings, including lecture halls, laboratories, dining rooms and dormitories, the ability to connect is more important than ever.Both students and teachers are increasingly dependent on wireless coverage for safety, comfort and information collection. We can provide you with the coverage you need for small and large campuses.

    Business parks

  • Business parks. Today’s business parks are becoming more and more extensive.With the improvement of a building’s designs and materials during its construction, communication signals are sometimes overlooked. Our MCT product solution can span over hundreds of acres, with the assurance that you have a suitable signal for supervisors and colleagues throughout the complex so that your business operations can be carried out seamlessly.No more worries about data connection and voice calls. Mobile Amplifier has it covered for you.

    Apartment complexes / Real estate firms

    Real estate firms and apartment complexes can benefit greatly from the Mini-Cell TowerTM business solution for the benefit of tenants and owners to amplify the signal.
    We install solutions in buildings up to a height of 70 floors and a width of hundreds of hectares. By having the top quality communication options, you ensure that your customers remain satisfied and will increase profits.


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