What do I need?

Quick start guide

  • First, it might be worth explaining why you have a weak signal .
    The main reason is that your home is too far from the GSM mast , it is the task of the GSM mast to transmit the ‘mobile phone signal’ or GSM signal . The result of this distance from the GSM Mast is that your mobile phone does not receive enough frequency waves (or GSM signal) to make or receive stable calls.

You may find a few good places around your home that you can reach, but running from one side to the other to answer a call or make a phone call is exactly why you initially have a mobile telephone so you can make calls wherever you are. . So how can we help you? Well, our packages consist of your two small parts, a small antenna which you install outside (we recommend to install it outside, but 80% of our customers install it on a windowsill or in the attic) this antenna will spectrum a weak GSM collect signal, this signal is transferred by a cable to the amplifier, which amplifies this signal. It is as simple as that.
Once you have installed the package ( it takes about 15 minutes to install and comes with everything you need ) and turned it on, you will see the reception bars flying high. . From that moment, as long as the package is connected, you have reception around your home … Guaranteed.

To get started , you need to choose the right package.

The first thing you need to do is select from the network you wish to strengthen . Remember, it doesn’t matter what type or model of phone you have, just the network you’re on . There are only two frequencies in the Netherlands that share the networks: 900GSM and 1800GSM for Speech and 2100 for 3G data

Okay, let’s say you want to amplify your Vodafone (900GSM) – (T Mobile and KPN also use the 900GSM frequency, any phone connected to the T-Mobile network will also get the signal amplified by the package).

But let’s say you are on Vodafone or O2 ( 900GSM ) network and your partner is on Orange or T-Mobile (1800GSM) network, then you need the package which amplifies both 900GSM and 1800GSM, as we call Dualband package. It will simply amplify the 900GSM and 1800GSM signal, but will not amplify the 2100GSM or 3G signal

If you want to amplify all signals; the 900GSM, 1800GSM and 3G, then you need the Triband package. Now that you’ve decided which package you need, the next thing to decide is how much coverage you want. They start at 250m2 and go up from there.

Mini series devices cover areas up to 250m2

Pro series appliances cover areas up to 500m2

Pro Max series devices cover areas up to 1000m2